Masterclass and Students' Performances

Sylvia Wiryadi is the founder of Vokalogie (Music Theatre and Voice School) and also a voice teacher at Gloriamus Music School. She aims to classically train young soloists and equip them with broad possibilities in using their voice.

Vokalogie Concert 2019

Vokalogie - Virtual Choir - Christmas Time Is Here (Adults and Teachers)

Vokalogie - Virtual Choir - Christmas Time Is Here (Young Students)

Vokalogie - Profile

3-Day Masterclass for Sopranos, by Sylvia Wiryadi in Medan - July 2014

Sound of Music - Kids Musical Class (7 to 11-year-olds) - Dec 2016

Livthalia (12) and Angela (10) - CLC Christmas Musical - Dec 2015

Gabriella Santoso (29), Winner of Gloriamus Voice Competition 2017

Vetalia Pribadi (20) Winner of Operette Category in Eisteddfod by the Bay Voice Competition 2016 and Runner-up in Chaterina Leimena Voice Competition 2016 - Mar 2016