Masterclass and Students' Performances

Sylvia Wiryadi is the founder of Vokalogie (Music Theatre and Voice School) and also a voice teacher at Gloriamus Music School (Jakarta) and Irama Music Studio (Medan). She aims to classically train young soloists and equip them with broad possibilities in using their voice.

Vokalogie Musical Theatre Holiday Camp 2023

Vokalogie Students' Concert 2022

Vokalogie Students' Concert 2019

Vokalogie - Virtual Choir - Christmas Time Is Here (Adults and Teachers)

Vokalogie - Virtual Choir - Christmas Time Is Here (Young Students)

Vokalogie - Profile

3-Day Masterclass for Sopranos, by Sylvia Wiryadi in Medan - July 2014

Livthalia (12) and Angela (10) - CLC Christmas Musical - Dec 2015

Gabriella Santoso (29), Winner of Gloriamus Voice Competition 2017

Vetalia Pribadi (20) Winner of Operette Category in Eisteddfod by the Bay Voice Competition 2016 and Runner-up in Chaterina Leimena Voice Competition 2016 - Mar 2016