Past Performances and Collaborations

"Frauenliebe und -leben" (Schumann) in Steinway Concert Series (2023)

"My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose" (Burns) with TRUST Orchestra (2022)

"Loch Lomond" (traditional Schottish Folk) with TRUST Orchestra (2022)

"Fruehlingsstimmen / Voices of Spring" (Strauss) with Ananda Sukarlan Orchestra (2013)

"Bagimu Negeri" with Nathania Karina, TRUST Orchestra (2019)

"The Moon Represents My Heart" with Helen Gumanti (2021)

"Pas Sans Toi" with Helen Gumanti (2021)

Lied: Meine Liebe ist gruen (J. Brahms) with Cindy Stella - live in concert (2022)

Lied: Kornblumen (R. Strauss) with Cindy Stella - live in concert (2022)

Sylvia Wiryadi's Profile

"Christmas Song" with Cascade Trio - Live in concert (2017)

Title: Goodnight My Someone
Artist: Sylvia Wiryadi
Year: 2007
Genre: Musical, The Music Man
Composer: M. Willson
Comment: Accompanied by Hristina Taneva

Title: For Good
Artist: Sylvia Wiryadi, Jessica Quinten
Year: 2007
Genre: Musical, Wicked
Composer: S. Schwartz
Comment: Duet with Jessica Quinten and accompanied by Hristina Taneva